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We love our muzzle devices, flash hiders, compensators, recoil mitigation of all sorts. What we hate is the hassle of timing them and setting the installation with crush and peel washers. Not fun, and even less fun to remove if you change a muzzle device. There has to be a better way, right? Yes, there is, and it’s a fairly simple answer. Sometimes life works that way, the answer doesn’t have to be complicated to be right. Case in point, the Primary Weapons System 1/2×28 Muzzle Device Alignment Set. It’s the answer to all of the hair pulling associated with mounting and properly timing muzzle devices.
The PWS Muzzle Device Alignment Set is a simple shim kit that allows you to properly align your muzzle device by adding the proper shim or combination of shims to achieve the desired results. Forget everything you feared about applying muzzle devices, let it go. You can breathe easy when you use PWS’s muzzle brake shims instead of peel washers.
The muzzle break shims in the PWS Shim Kit are each a precise thickness that will have a specific influence on the timing of your muzzle device. If you need to hold your device back half a turn, a large shim will do the trick. It also works well as a spacer for barrels from manufacturers who don’t use pre-thread relief cuts in their designs. Need 45 degrees? That’s shim 2. For smaller adjustments, the number 3 shim will do the trick. Each Primary Weapons System Shim Kit comes with (8) size 2 muzzle brake shims, and one each of the large (1) shim and the number 3 shim. Use whatever combination of shims you need to properly align your muzzle device. It’s a definite improvement on over-torquing crush washers and hoping for the best. It’s simple, but it’s an intelligent evolution in mounting muzzle devices. Primary Weapons Systems believes in Strength Through Evolution. Because It’s Time.
  • 1x Large Shim (180 degrees rotation)
  • 8x Medium Shims (45 degrees rotation)
  • 1x Small Shim (even finer adjustment)

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