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Why Get a CPL?

Taking a CPL class is an important step for anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon. Not only will it ensure that you understand the laws and regulations surrounding concealed carry, but it will also give you the training you need to safely handle and use your firearm.

There are many reasons why someone might want to take a concealed carry class. The first is to acquire a concealed carry permit. Michigan requires you to complete a class as a prerequisite for obtaining a CPL license.

Some people take these courses to learn about the laws and regulations related to carrying a concealed weapon. These classes cover the legal aspects of carrying a concealed gun, including when it is legal to use a firearm in self-defense, and what constitutes a justifiable use of force.

These classes can also help you stay updated on new laws and regulations. Laws regarding concealed carry are subject to change, and taking a class periodically can help you stay current with any new laws and regulations of your state and make sure they are in compliance.

Another reason to take a CPL course is to learn about specific safety and self-defense techniques. Some courses provide training on the safe handling, storage, and use of firearms, as well as self-defense techniques that can be used in various situations.

Others take carry classes to gain confidence in handling a firearm. CPL classes offer hands-on training and practice in handling, loading, and firing a pistol, which can help you gain confidence in your abilities.

Another reason is to meet personal or professional requirements. Some professions, such as law enforcement or security, may require employees to be trained in concealed carry.


About our Instructor:


Keith is originally from West Michigan and has been privately instructing firearms for 14 years. An Infantry Marine and Small Arms Technician for the National Guard, he spent ten years total in service working with a variety of military firearms and larger systems. In parallel to the military applications he pursued training and later instruction in private firearms ownership and concealed carry and has taught safety, handling, and the state mandates for a Concealed Pistol License since 2009. Outside the state he teaches with IWI Academy for rifles, handguns, red dot handguns, and bullpup rifles.




What you will need to bring to the CPL Class:

  • Be on time – our classes start at 9AM, so meet at the store 5-10 minutes before.
  • 50 Rounds of ammunition for the firearm you are bringing.  We recommend to bring 100 rounds if possible.
  • Your firearm (if you do not have one, please notify in advance so the instructor can bring some options for you to test on)
  • Eye protection (available at the store and range
  • Ear protection (available at the store and range)
  • Notepad to take notes


What to do after your receive your CPL?:

Congratulations!  While you are now protected, you will still find yourself in a legal minefield.  We highly recommend you join a national carry insurance provider to protect you from the unknowns in the world and the legal issues that accompany it.

We teamed up with US Law Shield as they are a great provider of 2A insurance, provide affordable cheap rates, and their direct line number reaches an actual firearms rights attorney.

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