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  • NFA Item – $75 (includes all fees including kiosk fees)
    • No transfer fees from any item purchased directly from us.
    • No transfer fees from any item purchased from Silencer Shop transferred to us.
    • We process most of the NFA forms via the SilencerShop system. SilencerShop does add a mandatory $25 processing fees for adding out of SS network items and using their system. Your total out the door for a non-in network NFA transfer is $75.

NFA transfers can be a bit of a painful wait. We strive to be the best at communication and responses, so we will keep you also updated on every step of the way.

We have a SilencerShop SID Kiosk and if you would like to enroll in the system without transferring through us, or if you are transferring your NFA item through another dealer without a KIOSK, the KIOSK use fee is $25.

We are a proud SilencerShop Powered By ELITE Dealer!

Worried about your prized NFA item sitting in NFA Jail?  Your NFA item will be secured in our high security facility inside our Class 3 bank vault and it is fully insured.   It will be there and protected for you the day it arrives to the day you pick it up.

NFA items we transfer:  Machine Guns, Suppressors, AOW’s, SBS and SBRS.  Unfortunately, we are not a DD licensed SOT so we can not accommodate DD devices for transfers.

If you need a copy of our current FFL & SOT for your NFA transfer, please visit our FFL page here