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Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 15 days of your purchase with the original purchase receipt.
Items MUST be unused, unopened, and sealed in its original factory packaging.  We will not accept returns for opened or used, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Refunds will be issued via the original payment method or check at our discretion.

We DO NOT permit the return of the following items:

-Firearms or any product that contains a regulated serial number.  If you are having issues with your firearm that you purchased through us, we will assist you in any way that we can to get your firearm repaired or returned for repair/replacement to the manufacturer.
-Special orders or products that are custom configured to your specifications.
-Products sold as “as-is”, “consignment”, “used”, or that have been installed or used after the receipt.
-NFA items that are regulated under the National Firearms Act.
-Illumination devices, electronic devices, electronic sights, optics devices, and night vision equipment.
-Body armor.
-Ammunition (Please ensure you purchase the correct ammunition, we can not accept returns due to caliber purchase mistakes).
-Medical or safety related devices and glasses.  This includes hearing protection, eye protection, tourniquets, and medical application.
-Food products.


Layaway Policy

-You may layaway multiple items.
-Layaway orders cost the same as cash orders
-30% must be put down at the time of purchase and the balance is due within 90 days.
-We reserve the right to refuse a layaway.
-We do not offer changes or additions to layaway orders.  Simply place another order if need be. 
-Overdue layaway orders will be cancelled and items returned to stock on the 91st day.
-It is the customer’s responsibility to make the payments – we WILL NOT contact you.
-The layaway will lock in the current deal offered for the item at the time of the initial payment.
-Layaway items are not available for pickup until the layaway is paid in full.
-If your circumstances require you to terminate or cancel the layaway agreement and withdraw from the plan you will be charged a 30% restocking fee (your down payment).
-If the layaway plan is terminated, any funds received in excess of any restocking fee will be returned to the customer.  
-Layaway is not available on Ammunition or Consignment firearms/accessories.


Transfer Policy

⦁ Price is per EACH serialized item.
⦁ We do not require heads up notification of any incoming transfers – just send it!
⦁ When your item comes in we will send you a text message with the contact information provided with the order for pickup – Do not pickup until you have received this pickup notification
⦁ Incoming transfers from individuals are accepted and welcomed
⦁ Individual shipments to us MUST include a copy of their drivers license, phone number, and the purchasers contact information – No exceptions.

Transfer MUST be for the individual listed on the transfer order paperwork. No exceptions.
Transfers must be picked up within a week of receiving notification of pickup (text). Exceptions will be given on circumstances and prior arrangement.
Transfers still waiting for pickup after the initial week will be assessed $10 a week storage fee for each serialized item. Max of 90 days or $110 in storage fees.
After 90 days, transfers are assumed abandoned property. We will automatically list the transfer up for consignment based on current market value and priced at our discretion and current consignment rates. A check or cash will be issued for any sold consignment firearms via transfer abandonment. If payment is not picked up by years end, a check will be mailed to the address on the transfer.

If you decide you do not want the firearm upon its arrival or you were denied via NICS. It is your responsibility to arrange the return of the firearm to the vendor from whom it was purchased. The vendor will issue a return shipping prepaid slip in which we can return the firearm, if they do not, we would be happy to transfer the firearm back at our standard transfer out rate.
⦁ Should you appeal the NICS decision for the denial and show us your appeal, we would be happy to hold onto the firearm storage free for up to 6 months until your decision is final or overturned. After 6 months with no response, the firearm will be posted up for consignment as per above policy.

Need help?

Contact us at ockie@gerbranddefense.com for questions related to refunds and returns.