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We are a full service live scan vendor for all ATF compliant fingerprinting services.  We utilize certified and ATF/FBI approved and licensed software, FBI approved printing system, and a state of the art live scan capture system.  We offer BOTH physical card live scan printing and SilencerShop KIOSK enrollment.

We are a proud SilencerShop Powered By ELITE Dealer!

We have a SilencerShop SID Kiosk and if you would like to enroll in the system without transferring through us, or if you are transferring your NFA item through another dealer without a KIOSK, the KIOSK use fee is $25. 

Form 1 ATF Compliant Fingerprinting Service-

Two (x2) completed FD-258 Fingerprint cards with ATF WI ORI
2 x Passport Photos (both digital and physical)
Biometric Live Scan (Digital, no Ink!  FBI/ATF Certified system)
– $25