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The Bowers Group ICON is the evolution of the USS .22 (User Serviceable Suppressor). The ICON features a 6.4″ X 1″ diameter, 5.5 oz, titanium tube. This silencer is a lighter version of our USS due to the titanium tube. The titanium allows us to trim an additional 1.5 ounces from the USS without having to derate it as we would be forced to do with an aluminum tube.

Offering unparalleled performance with .22 LR, the louder the round you put through it, the more obvious it will outperform competing silencers. You’ll find that it will outperform .223 cans on the FN P90. It’s rated for heavy full-auto in .22, and rated for all the .17 rimfires including the 17 WSM. It’s also rated for .22 Magnum, FN 5.7, and 22 Hornet. (It is rated for full auto on the FN P90 for one 50 round magazine; allow it to cool to ambient before repeating.) We strongly recommend CCI Standard Velocity .22 ammunition for best performance with all of our .22 silencers.

The ICON comes standard with one included ATAS™ insert in 1/2×28. Switching the thread pitch on this world-class silencer is as quick and easy as changing out the insert.

While most US made .22s will use the ATAS 1/2×28 insert, other inserts are available for most of the popular import .22s, such as the Walther P22 and G22, M&P22, Colt/Umarex 1911/22s, GSG, and Sig 1911/22s, and factory threaded Sig Mosquitos and P226/22s. (The Universal Wrench will work on all of these pistols at the time of this writing.)

The ICON is suitable for heavy fully-automatic fire in .22 and can be disassembled by the user for cleaning if desired. We recommend taking advantage of our service policy instead, but the choice is yours to make. If you make the choice to clean any silencer, please use proper safety protocols to protect yourself and your personal environment from lead contamination, inhalation, and absorption.