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BIS G43X/48 (Backup Iron Sight, G43X/G48) is a collaboration between Ameriglo and FCD.  Specifically made for Glock G43X and G48, these sights are based on the superb Ameriglo GL-527 with a front sight height of 0.450″, and a rear sight height of 0.554″, this sight sets provide lower 1/3 co-witness with the Trijicon RMRcc when used with our OPF-G43X/43, RMRcc on G43X and G48.
BIS, G43X/48 consists of the following:
* Front sight, available with either green Tritium and white outline (no serrations), or serrated front sight, no tritium or white outline.
* Rear sight, serrated.
BIS, G43X/48 is slightly different from GL-527 on which it’s based.  These FCD particular changes are:
* Tritium option for the front sight.
* Front sight back strap angle is steeper (25 degrees on the serrated, non-tritium front sight, 20 degrees on non-serrated, tritium front sight) to mitigate snagging when the pistol is drawn from and out of the holster where it’s likely to encounter clothing, and the front sight’s top corners are softened.
* Rear sight is horizontally serrated.
Designed and made in the USA.  Special thanks to the professionals at Ameriglo https://ameriglo.com/ that made this project possible, we’re grateful for their willingness to work with a small outfit like us for our shared customers / users.  G43X/49 with RMRcc is approved by many agencies, most of which require red dot pistols be equipped with metallic, co-witnessing backup sights for both on and off duty use.  BIS, G43X/48 was created with them in mind.
BIS, G43X/48 is compatible with OPF-G, DPP (Delta Point Pro) as well.
If you don’t have a sight pusher or the equipment to install rear sights, please bring it to a qualified and competent gunsmith to perform the installation.  It’s not uncommon to have to fit the rear sight to the dovetail, a competent gunsmith should be well familiar with the reason and method.  We’ve seen more than enough expensive muzzle devices ruined by “gunsmiths” that used a screw driver to install them instead of a torque wrench, and hand tightened optics plate screws when a torque value is clearly noted in multiple places.
Rather than being loose (easy to install), we prefer the sights be tight, so it won’t be knocked off zero easily.  Tolerances of the dovetail and sights also come into play, which results in some being easier, while others are harder to install.  A qualified gunsmith can deal with these easily.
Tenior’s G43X and 48 holsters are compatible with the G43X and 48 with the OPF-G43X/48, RMRcc, and Ameriglo GL-527 (0.45 front sight) and GL-526 (0.434 front sight) https://tenicor.com/collections/velo-for-glock/products/velo4-aiwb-holster-for-glock
TXC Holsters X1 also works very well: https://txcholsters.com/collections/holsters
RE: co-witnessing sights, Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics has posted this video on the subject:  https://youtu.be/AeeHJ5so2TE

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