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Adheres to metallic surfaces at a molecular level reducing friction
Developed by SOLGW in cooperation with the oil and gas industry
Bonds to solids and impurities keeping your weapon cleaner


S.P.E.C. ‘76, or “Special Endurance Coating,” is a new approach to firearms lubricants, outperforming anything else on the market by a considerable margin.  Developed by oil & gas industry professionals working exclusively with Sons of Liberty Gun Works,  S.P.E.C. ‘76 keeps guns in the fight, whether they’ve seen a high level of use, neglect, or have been sitting in a safe for extremely long periods.

Thicker than oil, S.P.E.C. ‘76 stays put, adheres to metallic surfaces at a molecular level, will not evaporate, and is as frictionless as ice on ice.  Not only attracted to metal, S.P.E.C. ‘76 is attracted to itself, creating a boundary layer that covers microscopic metal imperfections which cause friction. In addition to being the finest firearms lubricant on the market, this boundary layer helps S.P.E.C. ‘76 behave as a cleaner to keep solids out of the firearm, removing grit and grime out and away from between sliding surfaces.

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