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1210XE (5/8 x 24)is our latest offering in the Dead Air sound suppressor mounts line.  Threaded for 5/8 x 24, 1210KM is a Xeno compatible brake, compatible with all Dead Air 30 cal sound suppressors.
We don’t like brakes, they’re loud and obnoxious, and it’s our opinion an AR has low enough recoil, a brake is wholly unnecessary.  While a brake will reduce felt recoil, it has unjustifiable compromises in increased concussion, noise and flash signature, one also wouldn’t want to use a brake from inside a vehicle or indoors, these are trade offs a flash suppressor doesn’t have.   That said, a brake for a sound suppressor does have its use as a sacrificial first baffle to increase the longevity of a sound suppressor.
1210XE is a single chamber brake, with a baffle like chamber forward of the ports (dear ATF, this does nothing to reduce the decibel, it’s loud).  The tines on top and bottom that connect the Keymo mount to the front chamber are of symmetrical, we think a smaller/thinner top tine to force more gas upward is unnecessary.

Let’s do away with ambiguities and insinuations as to what it is and what it does, 1215KM is a brake, it’ll be loud, and its concussion will kick up dust visible from the next county if you shoot it from a prone position without a sound suppressor.  1215XE is meant to be used with a Dead Air sound suppressor with Dead Air’s Xeno interface attached.

1210XE is designed to have less concussion than most brakes.  In terms of felt recoil reduction,  most brakes are similar in performance.  In the old days, some tank guns brakes are nothing more elaborate than a tube mounted perpendicular to the bore forming a T shape, it doesn’t take much to make a brake that works.  If one is to look at old tank gun brakes, he will soon realize these tank gun brakes and most muzzle brakes for small arms today bear surprising resemblances and design.  To make a brake less offensive is far more difficult.  In our experience, Knight’s Armament’s MAM brake is probably the best in that category, it’s also very costly.  1210XE follows our design philosophy, it’s a simple and effective brake.  It does what it’s designed to do, and does so without making unsubstantiated claims.
Even though the Mk12 brake is the 1210KM’s inspiration, it is still an FCD design, we did not use most of the Mk12 brake’s features. The ports are not angled like the Mk12 brake. The flat sides of the port don’t direct gas back to the user, or bystanders behind the shooter. 1210KM’s design goals were not only met, but exceeded.
Machined in 4140 steel, heat treated and black nitrided.
5/8 x 24
Length: 2.16″
Weight: 3.34 oz
NOTE: 1210XE is long enough to bring a 14.5″ barrel to over 16.1″ when pinned and welded, but not enough to do so on a 13.7″ or 13.9″.
Forward Controls Design is an authorized licensee of Dead Air suppressor mounts.
Proudly designed and made in the USA.
1215XE has wrench flats for torquing it on the barrel.  Do not use a screwdriver and insert it into one of its ports to torque it.  With 30ft lbs of torque, using a rod or screw driver will cause damage to the muzzle device.

Screw driver not included (but seriously, use a 3/4 wrench, armorer’s wrench, or JMW, not a screw driver.)

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