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MCF (MLOK Cover, Forward Controls) is a collaboration between Railscales and Forward Controls Design.  Machined in G10, with the AA surface (All Angles, or dimpled) pattern we developed for our bolt catch (ABC/R), forward assist (LDFA), ambidextrous magazine release (EMR-A).  The AA concept was not developed for aesthetics, but as a versatile surface that offers equal traction from all angles of approach (thus the AA designation).  The AA surface can hardly find a better application than hand guard rail covers, where a user’s hand can have multiple angles of approach, and hold the hand guard in different ways.
The AA pattern on the MCF is made of two dimple sizes and depths,  a series of large perforations / drain holes are drilled along its length in the middle row of dimples.
MCF is available in two lengths: MCF-S (short, 3.2″, covers 2 MLOK slots) and MCF-L (long, 4.7″, covers 3 MLOK slots), both come standard with MLOK mounting hardware.
Width: 0.600″
Thickness: 0.125″
Length: Long 4.7″/Short 3.2″
Weight: Long .48 oz per panel / Short .48 oz per panel
416 stainless nuts
3/32 Allen key required (not included)
Each package of MCF contains one MLOK cover.

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