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RLB, ACRO is a locking bar (clamp) for Aimpoint’s P1 and P2.

Machined from 4140 steel and zinc phosphate coated.  The slot head screw is 18-8 stainless steel and black oxide coated.  We opt to ship RLB with a slot head screw, as a flat screw driver, coin, or a cartridge rim can be used to tighten and loosen the screw.  We like Torx screws, but most of us don’t carry a set of Torx bits or screw drivers with us, or one is rarely around when we need it.  The slot head screw is optional when installing RLB, it’s also compatible with Aimpoint’s factory P1 and P2 locking bar.
The 4140 reinforced locking bar is immensely strong, a worthy upgrade for the superb Aimpoint ACRO P1 and P2.  The 18-8, black oxide coated slot head screw is included, the user has the option to continue using the Aimpoint supplied T10 screw, or the 18-8 slotted head screw
Torque value for T1/T2’s locking bar screw is 27 in·lb.
RLB is a collaboration between Tangodown and FCD.
Proudly designed and made in USA.
Not all ACRO plates are created equal.  While Tangodown, FCD and many known, reputable ACRO plate manufacturers and factory slides with ACRO cut adhere to Aimpoint ACRO TDP, some do not.
RLB is designed to work with in spec ACRO footprint plates and slides, but if a plate or slide is out of spec, even RLB isn’t going to fix their woes.
The plate shown below is missing about 40% to 45% of the dovetail specified by Aimpoint’s TDP.  All critical dimensions are either off, or drastically altered, RLB can’t solve issues originating from out of spec plates.

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