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Extremely lightweight and fully Mission Configurable, the JK 155 VERSAX 9MM suppressor is right at home on every 9mm in your collection, from handguns to full-auto subguns. At the same time, it’s stout enough for use on rifles chambered in 300 Blackout, 8.6 Blackout, 350 Legend, and many more.


Employing five, user-configurable 7075 billet modular baffles plus one JK 155 LT Tone Tuner keeps weight to an absolute minimum while providing solid sound suppression performance along with JK’s pleasing Tone Technology sound.


In its micro configuration, the VERSAX 9MM is 3.3 inches long and weighs a shockingly light 3.7 ounces. In its full configuration with all five baffles and the Tone Tuner, it’s still only 7.3 inches long and weighs just 8.5 ounces. By simply adding or removing baffles and/or moving around or removing the Tone Tuner – no specialized tools are needed! – the user is able to choose the length, weight, and sound suppression that’s right for the firearm and the mission.


In addition to the modular baffle and end cap design, the 155 VERSAX is even more Mission Configurable thanks to its industry-standard HUB 1.375×24 mount size. This means dozens of mounting options are instantly available! From the included JK 155 LT Quick Attach Taper Mount, which fits our industry-leading JK muzzle devices, to pistol boosters, direct thread fixed mounts, tri-lug mounts, QD mounts, and much more, the versatility of the HUB standard can’t be overstated.


The JK 155 VERSAX 9MM is rated for 9mm, 38 Special, and 357 Magnum full-auto use as well as for lighter duty use on 300 Blackout, 350 Legend, 223 Remington, 308 Winchester, 300 Win Mag, and many more pistol and rifle calibers making it a highly versatile choice. See the Barrel and Caliber Ratings chart below for barrel length restrictions and more information.




(1) JK 155 LT Quick Attach Taper Mount

(1) JK 155 LT 2.5” Tube

(1) JK 155 LT Tone Tuner

(5) JK 155 LT Baffle

(1) JK 155 LT Flash Reducer End Cap


JK 155 VERSAX 9MM is rated for full-auto use (4- to 8-round bursts every 4 to 8 seconds) on many pistol calibers with no barrel length restrictions. It is rated for sporting use (10 rounds of fire followed by cooling to ambient temperature) on rifle calibers.
9x19mm, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, and all smaller pistol cartridges No Minimum
223 REM / 5.56 NATO 14.5”
300 BLACKOUT 7.5”
7.62X39MM 8.5”
243 WIN 16”
308 WIN / 7.62X51 NATO 16”
8.6 BLK 16”
300 WIN MAG 20”


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