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The Surge 7.62 from the Rugged Suppressors outfit is the first truly modular .30 caliber rifle silencer to hit the market. The versatility offered by this can is something to behold. The word “modular” is often thrown around in the suppressor industry. However, when we say this unit is “truly modular,” that is exactly the case. The Surge 7.62 introduces Rugged Suppressors’ ADAPT Modular Technology, which enables the shooter to change the size and configuration of the silencer with ease. Not only does it have a removable section of the tube (allowing you to go from a full-size 9” silencer to a shorter 7.5”), it also suppresses at an impressive clip.


Suppressors don’t come much more versatile than the Surge 7.62. For example, by adding an interchangeable 5.56 endcap or 7.62 endcap and respective muzzle devices for both calibers, you transform one silencer into four:

  1. A 9-inch, .30 caliber silencer rated up to .300 Remington Ultra Mag
  2. A 7.5-inch, .30 caliber silencer rated up to .300 Remington Ultra Mag, though shorter and lighter
  3. A 9-inch, 5.56 silencer that’ll perform as well as (if not better than) any other product
  4. A 7.5-inch, 5.56 silencer for when weight matters more than sound reduction

Regardless of your suppressor level of expertise, the Surge 7.62 is an unmatched option. When you want to jump from your precision bolt-gun to your short-barreled pig slayer, there’s no longer the need to spend twice the money—Rugged Suppressors has you covered.


  • Belt-fed rated!
  • Sound reduction: 134–138.4 dB
  • ADAPT Modular Technology
  • Length: 7.5” to 9”
  • Weight: 17.5 ounces to 21.5 ounces
  • Build materials: 17-4 stainless steel; Stellite™
  • Finish: high-temp Cerakote™

What’s included

  • Spanner tool to remove endcap
  • Rugged stickers
  • User manual