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UPC: 706148661126 SKU: CR2032 Categories: , Product ID: 3557


The lithium coin cell CR2032 battery is used in a wide variety of applications, including personal watches, clocks, electronic organizers, PDA’s, portable electronics, keyless door entry remotes, cell phones, computer motherboards, heart monitors, backup power sources for IC memories, and more. This lithium CR2032 3V battery provide 2x the nominal voltage compared to other chemistry makeup of batteries such as Silver Oxide and Alkaline button cells. CR2032 battery equivalents are also known as DL2032, KECR2032, L14, RFA-35, and more


– High quality and performance from reputable Japanese brand Toshiba

– Lithium Manganese-Dioxide Coin Cell Battery, 3.0 Nominal Voltage.

– Original Toshiba branded consumer packaging tear-strip 5 batteries per card.

– Perfect for watches, fitness, Key FOB’s or healthcare devices, and other electronic devices.

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